Assembly Speed - Python - Level Help

I’ve done almost all the levels of the game but I’m stuck in this one, how to solve this level?

# Say the correct speed to insert our spybot into the line of robots.
# We must find the exact speed in robot motor revolutions per month.
# We've found the part of the robot code that controls the speed,
# but we don't know how to interpret it to find the final speed.
# What's the value of %eax when the last instruction (the NOP) runs?

speed = 0  # ∆ Put your answer here.

# Check the Help (File tab) to see the file. It's also included below.
# ------------------------------------------
# This file is in AT&T syntax - see
# and Both gdb and objdump produce
# AT&T syntax by default.
# MOV $8156,%ebx
# MOV $9400,%eax
# MOV $14987,%ecx
# CMP %eax,%ebx
# JL L1
# JMP L2
# L1:
# IMUL %eax,%ebx
# ADD %eax,%ebx
# MOV %ebx,%eax
# SUB %ecx,%eax
# JMP L3
# L2:
# IMUL %eax,%ebx
# SUB %eax,%ebx
# MOV %ebx,%eax
# ADD %ecx,%eax
# L3:

look at the instruction it say you need to find the correct speed.

ummm I have not played this level b4 (nearly there). can you please post the link? thanks! @jesusbritomolina

If you didn’t play the level why did you post for the level link?

I helped other people this way before

You shouldn’t play it until you reach the level.

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I agree with eric if you skip to a level you’ve never played you will probably have difficulty with it too. so it’s better to help someone with a level you have played before instead of a level you have not seen.

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of course, anyone who wishes to help is welcome. @Marcus_Lai

CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript?

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Use the Wikipedia page to find out what the text is instructing to do, in order. The %eax value at the end is the speed you want the hero to say.

I have already read the wikipedia page but I don’t understand, my language is native spanish and the english translation doesn’t help me much, can you explain me if it’s a formula to put or a number as such? in speed = 0 @Chaboi_3000 @cheddarcheese @Endsoldier @Marcus_Lai @Haris