Beginners hammer decals


Hello, I have noticed a bug and have refreshed the page multiple times to make sure. Both the Crude Builders Hammer and the Builders Wooden Hammer has the same decal. The Wooden Builders Hammer has the same decal as the Crude Builders Hammer. Here are some screenshots,


I was on a chrome-book but it happened on my windows 10 desktop computer at home using windows edge too.


It happens with all the hammers I tried. It is really annoying. @nick @Bryukh


In the second screenshot the skills granted are only

("fire-trap, fence")

Unless you are saying they look the same…


They look the same. Not different when you put the hammers on.


Hi there,
What’s the question here?
The Crude Builder’s Hammer can build fire-traps and fences.
The Wooden Builder’s Hammer can build fire traps and fences AND decoys.


As you can see in the pictures: when you put on the hammer it has the same picture while you’re holding it. It happens with the stone hammer too.


I am saying the hammer decals are the same.


I think what @maka said may clear it up. Unless I’m wrong, those decals were meant to be almost the same…


Oh, on the paper doll itself. Yes, we do not have another hammer design yet.