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Best book (wizard)

You can make your own army with Unholy tome V

and with elemental codex, you could blast every single enemy unit into the sky.

and with Unholy Tome you can create your own army of enemies and un-dead

like I said, you could blast all those units into the sky with elemental.

With Unholy Tome V is cheap and it can turn enemies into a weapon to defeat all

Here is how they are good in their own ways:

Unholy Tome V is good because you can summon skeletons, and raise dead, creating an army to fight for you. You can also cast poison-cloud on enemies.

Elemental Codex V is good because of shockwave, and you can use swap to uncover terrain exploits, and prevent being attacked.

Book of Life V is good because of Grow, enlarging your target, giving them more health and damage. It shrinks your enemies making them vulnerable to attacks.