Best spellbook?

what spellbook do you think is the best? I have Unholy Tome and it’s pretty good because of summon undead

unholy tomb
  • unholy tomb v
  • unholy tomb iv
  • unholy tomb iii
  • unholy tomb ii
  • unholy tomb i

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Yeah, I think Unholy Tome V is the best. But The shockwave and swap book (I don’t remember the name) is good too. The shockwave ability is the best and useful almost everywhere, and there are some abilities that can be useful only in a couple of levels, but they are really useful there.
I almost didn’t use The life book V, I used only IV. The regen ability is my favourite, and there are good abilities like shrink or grow, sometimes you need them.

But I think The Unholy Tome V is the best, even I really like that book IV with shockwave and swap, haste, etc.