Binary Deploment

Im having a hard time understanding why this one paladin tells me I did it wrong in this situation.

Then all I did was change a small portion of my code that gives me the same results but the paladin doesnt say anything. I commented out a while loop and gave one of my variables a different number. The result is the same as the first except that the paladin reacts differently.

As I can’t see the rest of your code, I can’t tell for sure, but I think this is why:

Decimal numbers are usually expressed as a ‘byte’ which means 8 bits. (a bit just means a zero or a one) In your top picture, you expressed each number in terms of a byte, except for the third row (the one where the paladin told you that you did it wrong). In the second picture, you expressed each number in terms of 9 bits (incorrect). As this doesn’t make a byte, the level didn’t check to see if your answer was correct, as it didn’t detect the proper length.

Thanks. My eyes were just getting confused with all the troops moving and stuff that I didnt even catch the 9th guy.