Bouder woods please help[python]

while True:
    angle = Math.PI / 2 - Math.PI / 16
    while angle >= -Math.PI / 2:
        targetX = hero.pos.x + 5 * Math.cos(angle)
        targetY = hero.pos.y + 5 * Math.sin(angle)
        if hero.isPathClear(targetX, tragetY):
            hero.move({'x': targetX, 'y': targetY})
            angle -= Math.PI / 16
            hero.move({'x': hero.pos.x, 'y': hero.pos.y})

i dont know what my problem is but my hero just stays in one spot

  1. Use isPathClear between your current pos and the target.
    What is your current pos?
    What is the target?

  2. Otherwise, sweep the angle clockwise a bit.

wait what sorry was working on another level im stuck on

am i using isPathClear() wrong because thats what its saying when i try to do the level

IsPathClear is used to find if there are any hazards from point a to point b.

Something like: isPathClear(hero.pos, item.pos).

You find if there are traps from your location to the item’s location