Brawler hunt Stuck

Im stuck on the level and my guy is not saying the Fire! line.

while True:
# Find the nearest enemy and the distance to it.
Brawler = hero.findNearestEnemy()
distance = hero.distanceTo(“Brawler”)
if Brawler < 50:
# If the enemy’s type is “brawler”
# AND the distance to it is less than 50 meters,
# Then say “Fire!” to signal the artillery.

Hello @ONION165 welcome to the discourse! Seeing that you never got welcomed, make sure to read the FAQ and format your code with the </> button! As for the issue:

  1. Remove the quotes around "Brawler" in hero.distanceTo("Brawler"). This should reference the Brawler variable, not string "Brawler".

  2. Remove Brawler from the if statement and replace it with distance, as brawler is a thing, not a number or integer.
    This should work.
    Feel free to @ me if it does not.

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