Broken Circles: I can't finish it!

Hi! I’m doing my last level is Code Combat but my code didn’t work. Can you help me?:
(¡Hola! Estoy haciendo mi último nivel en Code Combat, pero mi código no funciona ¿Podría alguien ayudarme?):

# Las constantes son útiles
trapAttackRange = 3;
radiusStep = 10;
center = {"x": 68, "y": 68};

# Vamos, vamos, ¡Vamos!
center = Vector(center.x, center.y)
angle = 0
while True:     
    way = Vector.subtract(hero.pos, center)
    normal = Vector.normalize(way)   
    normal = Vector.rotate(normal, angle)
    direction = Vector.multiply(normal, radiusStep*5 + trapAttackRange+2) 
    move = Vector.add(center, direction) 
    if hero.findHazards():
        angle -= 0.0001
        angle - 1

Which level is this and does a bug pop up or something or does your player just stop? Or is it something completely different?

This is the last level of the ice map, and with this code my hero start to walk in circles.