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Bug at the level zig zag zoom

I checked my code with ty_ler, his code is same as mine but on python. My code isn’t working, I keep dying at the end.

Can you please post the code underneath line 28? It looks the same as mine, too, and I used Javascript. It may be your gear; if you have it and aren’t wearing it, try equipping the speed ring.

sure, here you go.

It couldn’t be any more exact to mine, but I’m going to private message you some things to try.

No thanks I already got it, it was my boots

Great, glad you got it to work.

Could you tell me more about this? This level shouldn’t be “boot dependable”, so it looks like a bug. If it’s so I’ll fix it.
(It’s mine old level and I think to refactor it).

So I wrote my code, and everything was correct except my speed, because I checked my friend’s code, he had the same code on python, so I looked at his equipment, and his boots where +2 M/S and mine were +1.5 M/S, so right after I changed boots, it worked.

Mine are +2 M/S with the same code as you, but I die on the third diagonal. He goes off track and gets hit.

2.5 speed did the trick! It turns out my script was wrong but he’s fast enough now to go from Diagonal 3 to the goal.

ok lol. I think it’s a bug tho cause speed shouldn’t be the thing that we need to consider.