Can someone help me beat sarven seige 7?

me need help from a true hero

What’s are your heroes and equipment.

i ment this

Summon skellys to fight for you. Defend either the bottom or top tower, that way you can defend one tower easier. Build a peasant at the start, and command it to build decoys, or you can summon soldiers to fight for you. Use your abilities.


how do u make sure thet if there are more than one they defend both?

I think I can help. You might want to command yetis to attack certain things(ex: Headhunters and scouts) and command skeleteons to attack certain things. You might also want to power swap with the center tower.

you guys are the absolute best

i rage quit and just beat sacerd statue 8 lol

Okay I think the part about the power swapping should help the most.

power swap is not working :frowning:

What do you mean it won’t work? Target the middle tower.

i know this hapens

i luv the roblox among us btw

Uh @Chaboi_3000 can you help with this.

plz help me @Chaboi_3000

plz help me :frowning:

Can you post your code?

I’m pretty sure powerswap doesn’t work on archer towers. Neither does any other spell you can cast like heal, grow etc…
If you need any more help please say.

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