Can’t play Ozaria because don’t have a class code

I play CodeCombat without code class, I have a lifetime subscription. When I try to play, I have to choose Student or Teacher account. I see no other option. When I choose a student, I have to enter the class code and I don’t have one. What should I do? Where to get the class code and why? I do not understand what a student does? Is he learning from a teacher? How?

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I have also encountered this, but I think it’s because at the moment it’s just intended for schools.
Am I right in saying that @stephanie? (Stephanie is a codecombat staff member).
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@CzarnyJastrzab this is correct. Ozaria is only for teacher and student accounts at the moment.


fear not i have a ozaria
class code if you want it here it is:


Ozaria is only for student accounts at this time.

i am a teacher

From your teacher account you can create a class to generate the 3 word class code. Let me know if you need more instructions around that.

you are a life saver

Glad I found this thread. My kid would like to try out Ozaria also if that’s ok. @ZAX155

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Hi @Cheng_Xu and welcome to the forum! :partying_face:

I think that you want to create a teacher account first and then create a class and it will give you a three word code to allow others to enter in it. Now your children creates a student account and introduces the three word code and he will be in your class and be able to play Ozaria. Do you need any more assistance?


I’m currently not a teacher. If this is limited to teachers, then I may not qualify. Is there any other way to get a free trial?

I think that it allows you to select the option that you are a parent into creating the teacher account.


Got it. It works, thanks!

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No problem! Anytime! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, anyone know how to get to the next part in the story.

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@brandon_starks are you enrolled in a course?

I think so, but how do you get a course

I think there is a class code that you have to get from your teacher. Not entirely sure though.

The thing is that I don’t have a teacher