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Cant find the walls?


Is their a way to detect walls in front of my hero or anyone? Can I get an object or something to work with so I can go around it? Is their a way to tell when im hitting a wall? Not in my situation but is their also a way to tell when my hero says “I cant get there.”

Update: I found the walls.:joy: If you have the right glasses on you can use the method isPathClear().


Posts can be deleted by pressing the … button and then clicking on the trash can. However, as your post is the start of a new thread as well, it can’t be deleted by us normal folk. If you really want to have a mod or admin delete your post, you can click the … button and click the flag to flag it for deletion. However, I think it’s best to leave it and edit in the solution for posterity’s sake. Someone might have the same problem as you in the future, google the problem, and find your unanswered post.


Lol that makes sense. Thats why I made this post because I couldnt find it myself. :laughing: