Cast shockwave broken?

if (enemy) {
    if (this.canCast("shockwave", enemy)) {

I get the error in the editor, “Undefined is not a function”

I have the method. the can cast works fine. I can see the function in my list and see all of its details. i tried. just this.cast(“shockwave”, enemy) as well. it stops the error but the character doesn’t actually do anything. i think the spell may be broken.

It should be this.cast('shockwave', enemy);. Where is the castShockwave coming from? (I tried to get rid of all of those.) I’ll check out why it might not be working, but can you give me your full testing code and which level it’s on?

Elemental Codex III is where i got the castShockwave from.

Unfortunately i dont have the code anymore. i swapped back to warrior because without a way to damage i wasn’t able to make the potion master usable.

The level is multiplayer treasure grove. Basically if distance to enemy <= 20 (or 30 whatever the range is for shockwave) i would cast shockwave it it’s off cooldown. Nothing happens visually (no knockback) and no noticeable damage.

Looks like the visual effect isn’t working; I’ll put it on my list. It does do something, but it’s barely noticeable from the Elemental Codex III versus heroes, which are kind of heavy. I’ll up the knockback, too.

I see. oh well. seems like the potion master is pretty much useless then in my tests (with elemental codex) without being able to do enough damage to kill the foe. I can run around keep the enemy slowed and myself hasted which works against a tank class, but against another caster doing the exact same thing, it’s a crap shoot. If they had an attack that could do considerable damage they might be viable in the long run. (keep in mind i have the best wand and armor for my level), regular attacks barely scratch the enemy as well and the “throw” bombs thing is useless against fast enemies it never explodes near them.

I do plan on switching up the bomb throwing, or at least making it faster. Are you trying to fight warriors that have like 2000 hp? Because those should be pretty indestructible for a caster in one-on-one combat, although maybe not quite this indestructible.

Seems a little unbalanced then. casters are overall useless then if they have no way to damage and kill an enemy thats slowed while the caster is hasted…

They are much better in group combat than in a duel.

FYI. the knockback on Great Sword doesn’t appear to work either. the damage does though. (The powerup)

What are you trying to knock back? I wonder if it just needs to be higher to lift certain enemies off the ground.

another hero. basically i use my powerup whenever it is up. it doesnt seem to move the enemy at all. bash doesn’t either, that’s supposed to also right? Maybe it’s working but it’s barely moving them? hard to tell.

Turns out i was wrong anyways! I just discovered some wands give special affects. combining a wand spell that does good damage with the elemental book resulted in my best to date script for treasure grove. :slight_smile: They are viable.