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Challenge anyone here



wait ur funny killer???1!!!/!?!/1?1?1!!!1?

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Uh yes…???

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Battle Me!

I never thought of that!

I challenge you to a duel in burning ices.

no way lollllll JK sure

Burning ices fight me.

bet is if u win ranger has to add a thing u like and if u lose u have to post a thing he likes on a topic

hey @RangerGrant9307 do u agree about the bet thing?

yes, I do. (20 charsss)

so if I won against u u will have to make a thing I want u to make in burning ices like the rusher


I challenge you to switch to a warrior character and then send me a message to code your doom. xD

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Well what hero are you gonna use.

Ida, lol (20 chars…)

no lol nalfar rules :grin:

:C but right now it isn’t fair, the premium characters are wayyyyy better than non-premium ;-;

Anyone active to day?