Clash of clones help plz

enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
while True:
    if hero.isReady("cleave"):

I can’t seem to do this level. HELP

james one thing you can help with is put on better armor such as the enameled dragonshield and the worn dragonscale helmet

I find it eaiser to beat my clone with weaker armor. it gives him less health

one thing u can do is get that ring that multiply ur health by giving an effect. i fogor what its called

its like an earth ring
look for it in shop

I have barley any gems

You can also try shield attacking(shielding and then hitting while the enemy isnt)

do you have a good sense stone?

my best one is the one i have on

alright. get your best shield and try alternating between shileding and attacking

i dont want to put it on because it has a big health upgrade

lets see, does your character have any special abilities?

if the long sword is not required use a more powerful sword with abilities like morning’s edge or smth

your doppelganger wont use those abilities so they will give you the upper hand.

I have no gems to buy anything and my hero has no abilities

I don’t think that my equment is a problem

it’s my code… 20 charssss

hmmmmmmmm u could try like

While True:
enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
#putting this inside the loop lets you redefine it each time it cycles
if enemy:
#so you dont get the but its dead error
   if hero.isReady("cleave") and hero.distanceTo(enemy) <= 10: #so the cleave hits
          hero.shield() #this will possibly block enemy attacks letting you take less damage, but equip a shield that has hero.shield()

its not working. My hero stands there and cleaves then does nothing.

Never mind i solved it :slight_smile: