Cleave it to Beaver?

I’m confused when and why I’d use a cleave over attack.

Cleave hits hard against a group of enemies. It’s an area of effect…15 damage in a 10m range (with my Long Sword). Attack deals normal damage to a single enemy.

I ask because, well maybe I’m doing something wrong… sometimes when I choose to perform a cleave, it only does so once… if one of the baddies is slightly far enough, they’ll not die from the cleave… then the code no longer recognizes an enemy is present since it already performed a cleave. Attack is a persistent thing until the baddy dies.

Abilities like cleave and bash do have a cooldown effect (requires time to recharge before it can be used again). You can use something like this in Javascript to see if the ability is available again (you do need to equip a wristwatch of some sort to grant the “isReady” ability…

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