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Click this! (15)

No, it’s just funny. We had like 5-6 people all with the same pfp chatting at once in the everything Pm. It was funny to watch lol.

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your profile picture is still falcon @enPointe77

What? I’ve switched back to my old one. Try resetting your page.

Some of your replies are still with falcon profile picture

Anyways, it’s nearly midnight, here. Goodnight!

It’s back know enPointe77

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My replies aren’t falcon replies, anymore. Maybe you’re seeing someone else’s reply?

Call me thump. It’s what everyone here does :grin:. Night!

Guys, I’m afraid this is not the kind of topic we really want to see. I know you’ve put it in the off-topic category, but we still require topics to have a topic, e.g. a topic of discussion, like films or lego or books etc. What we can’t allow is clickbait topics with no benefit to the forum. If you want to make lots of people have that profile picture, you could message them all, but remember: everyone (as in everyone who uses codecombat) can see this forum, even if they don’t have an account, and this kind of topic will mean nothing to them, and possibly even put them off the forum, because no-one wants a forum with “click this” topics everywhere.