Need help editing profile pic

I click on some other people’s profile picture and sometimes it has a message. I’ve been trying to figure that out lately. Can anyone help me with that?

Sure @milescombat.

  1. click on your proflile pic in the top right corner
  2. than go all the way down to the summery in the hotbar.
  3. Go to preferences
  4. click Profile
  5. there you can edit your bio
    Hope that helps! :grin:

I don’t see a profile pic anywhere except on the top left corner. Is that the one i click on?

Yep! (20charsmustburn)

It is not doing anything.

what i mean is you have a message about how you like military stuff. I wanna make a message like that.

Is it your pp you are clicking on? (sorry about the late response)

I’m on the phone rn but it’s really similar to a computer.

Just click on the settings then profile.

Wow. Your phone battery is really low.

It was weird. My phone was at like 100 percent, randomly shut off for a few minutes, and revived at 10 percent. :woman_facepalming:

Was it a glitch with the battery or the display?