CodeCombat - Don't rush, be quiet[SOLVED]

I don’t understand what the code means by “# Use an if-statement to return the correct value.!”
Help, please!

(I didn’t add anything to the code.)

Could somebody please help me?!

PLEASE? (20 characters)

Yo man, be patient. Not everyone is always active.

Hmm. You’re 3 levels ahead of me, so I haven’t learned that yet. Can you wait for someone else?

Hi King_RaiderVII,

Have a look at the function just above which is already written. It does nearly the same thing, and it has an if statement in as well. What needs to be different in your function to get a value of between 0 and 40 rather than 0 and 30?


Hi, you haven’t been around for awhile!

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