CodeCombat The wizards door[SOLVED]

Umm I don’t think we need this topic but I see you put the link to the wizards door do you need help on that level?

yes i dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo please help me

please post your code formated

hero.moveXY(30, 13)
las = hero.findNearestFriend().getSecret()

# Add 7 to 'Laszlo's number to get 'Erzsebet's number.
# Move to 'Erzsebet' and say her magic number.
erz = las + 7
hero.moveXY(17, 26)

# Divide 'Erzsebet's number by 4 to get 'Simonyi's number.
# Go to 'Simonyi' and tell him his number.
hero.moveXY(30, 39)
# Multiply 'Simonyi's number by 'Laszlo's to get 'Agata's number.
# Go to 'Agata' and tell her her number.
hero.moveXY(45, 25)

it is a random seed everytime so just say the variable you created

Read these carefully.

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i know math but laszo’s number israndom

That is why use a variable @akihiko_kahyaba. So right above hero.moveXY(30,39) stament, should be something like this variable = erz / 4. Then you move to Simonyi and say the variable. Then, based on what the comments say, find Agata’s number and say it to Agata.

erz = las + 7

So this part makes erz equal whatever las is plus 7

quick question how to you make times in code

Shift key + 8 key. That gives you the asterisks symbol: *

i figured it out i made there names equal there numbers and solved it by adding and multiplying them

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