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Coding issue with backwoods standoff


I am playing codecombats and I’m on backwood standoff (where you use cleave) and the else command doesn’t work I have seen others and how they put it and I am doing the same thing , my code is
While True:
Ready =.isReady(“cleave”)
I know I’m not a paid member or anything but can I get some help and if not at least tell me that. Thank you


1st of all get rid of the Ready variable
and use an if statement that says


Note: This Is In Javascript your code may be a bit different

While True:
enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
Ready = isReady("cleave")
if hero.isReady("cleave"):

You forgot the if is ready


I tried that and I still receive issues this is what I have


Sorry you need to do
if enemy:
between the find enemy and is ready.


Nope still doesn’t work


you forgot the : at the end of the if hero.isReady cleave


My won’t work and I use Python. Please Help.


That’s so weird. I got on it and no matter what my character says the munchkin still attacks me. Probably a bug.
My code is completely right though.


We’ve recently changed this level so players don’t need to say anymore.

Just cleave if it is ready, and attack the stray munchkins while cleave is on cooldown.


Oh thanks.
20 characters


Hello! I cannot pass this level with such equipment while using this guidance: [quote=“Serg, post:10, topic:10339”]
Just cleave if it is ready, and attack the stray munchkins while cleave is on cooldown.

Is it expected to buy new extra equipment to pass it?


Yes, part of the game is upgrading your equipment as needed :wink:


OK, thank you, @Serg .