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Confused in Team Work


def commandTroops():
for index, friend in enumerate(hero.findFriends()):
if friend.type == ‘peasant’:

def CommandPeasant(soldier):
item = soldier.findNearestItem()
if item:
hero.command(soldier, “move”, item.pos)

while True:
hero.move({‘x’: 41, ‘y’: 55})

This is my code ^^^^^
its not really working to well.
it worked before i submitted but now its giving me an error saying that i cant "Command"
this is after ive already asked around and that was the code i got, so i was wondering what I should put instead of command


Do you have a Boss Star? If you don’t, that would explain the error message. If you do have one, make sure that it’s equipped, not just in your inventory.


@MunkeyShynes ignore this user. @Beatrice_Prior is just being a toxicity in this community. @Bryukh, please take actions.


Okay look. I am just looking for help with my code. Certain levels give me trouble, so I ask the forum. THATS WHAT ITS FOR. Just because you got upset that I tried everything I could to get some code for a level doesn’t warrant @MunkeyShynes being rude to me or my account being reprimanded. I used the forum for its purpose, so there is no reason that action should be taken against me.


I don’t see any problem with this post. You could help or ignore it. @SuperSmacker please stop this kind of behaviour and thinking up your own rules.


uh… so you’re saying that calling someone a “cuck” is appropriate…?


I’ve been called MUCH worse. LOL. And considering that the source is a child, it doesn’t carry much weight.


In the current branch I don’t see any “cuck” - only in your message. I see the question from the user here.


??? Do you like this game? I do!!!


I love the game and hope you will take a link i post later for some amazing codes