Console & Optimization [Advanced]

Quick tip for people fighting the Hard Execution Limit.

Nick already mentionned (there) a very useful line to type in the Console :

I love using this to check what’s efficient and what’s not. But in ZeroSum for example, the length of a match could change, and the comparison of total statement executed wasn’t relevent (I had to make a mental division). So I added a personal touch, in order to get the mean statement executed per frame.

currentView.tome.spellView.spellThang.castAether.metrics.statementsExecuted /

For example, in ZeroSums, your code should be able to run below 3125 statements per frame, because :

HEL = 3 000 000
Number of frames within 2min period, 8 frames a second = 120 * 8 = 960
3 000 000 / 960 = 3125 statements per frame, on average, on a full length match.