Continuous Alchemy - HELP[SOLVED]

I need help with this level.

Here is the code:

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```# Race munchkins to the water distilled by Omarn Brewstone!
# Use the `continue` statement to avoid poison.
while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    item = hero.findNearestItem()
    # If there is no enemy, continue out of the loop.
    if not enemy:
    hero.say("I see a god dang enemy")
    # If there is no item, ask for a potion then continue:
    if not item:
        hero.say("Give me a drink!")
    # If the item.type "poison", continue out of the loop.
    if item.type == "poisom":
    # At this point, the potion must be a bottle of water
    # so moveXY to the potion, then back to the start!
    hero.moveXY(44, 35)
    hero.moveXY(34, 47)

please don’t post solutions @FireDragonYesh592 please delete the post.


By the way if that is the solution it’s weird because

You spelled poison wrong.

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