Copper Meadows default Clojure code contains <%= blah %>

It also makes me “comment out the (default) code” because of slow code or infinite loop. I guess that is the “dotimes” which “donothing”. (Drop The Flag, also has the <%= blah %> in the default code)

return  ;Commented out to stop infinite loop.
;; <%= c1 %>
;; <%= c2 %>
;; <%= c3 %>

;; <%= submit %>
(dotimes [n 10000]
    (let [flag (.findFlag this)]
        (if flag (do
            ;; <%= pick_up %>
        ) (do
            ;; <%= move %>
            (let [item (.findNearestItem this)]
                (if item (do
                    (.moveXY this (.x (.pos item)) (.y (.pos item)))
                ) (do
                    (.say this "<%= place_a_flag %>")

I can guess the general idea for what “submit”, “pick_up”, “move”, and “place_a_flag” are probably replaced with but for “c1”, “c2”, and “c3” I haven’t a clue.

I just switched to Javascript and reloaded, fancy comments worked fine, switched back to Clojure and reloaded, no dice.

While I cannot help you with your problem directly (I don’t know what causes this), I can at least give you the comment-replacements:

Can you please add an issue about this on GitHub? This way the bug will be tracked and faster solved by the developer team.

Not sure why it isn’t translating those interpolation strings; it looks like the formatting is correct. Maybe because of the infinite loop at first? I’ve reduced it to 1000; maybe that’ll work better. Do you still see the placeholder strings if you hit Reload to get the original code?

I just fired it up, switched from python to clojure, reloaded and got the bad <%= %> stuff. (since I went in with python code there was no slow/inf-loop thing.)

(looks like he says that he tried “reload” at the end of his post.)

Okay, now I found it. There was an extra <%= submit %> tag that was hosing Clojure.