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Could play levels that aren't even announced for adventurer


I have just finished the “minesweeper” lvl and then i got this URL on my browser

and i guess you know what i mean now , try to fix it or ppl can play lvl arent even released for beta test


Cool! I didn’t realize there was still yet another level.

I tended to do:

Where level name is all lower case with spaces replaced with a ‘-’.


Cool. unfortunately you don’t gain much from this… The level is clearly not completed. you can’t do anything. There are no enemies (those archer looking things don’t show up with findEnemies() so there’s nothing to do.


Right, those levels are just placeholders for now; they’ll be finished and released next week, at which point you’ll get the Adventurer email if you are signed up.


how do you sign up for adventurer email?


Just check the box here:


Some for reason I just beat the level which you can check the box here but it keeps on forcing me to play savren siege. I am stuck. How do I earn more gems and try and beat Glacilan in the multiplayers. I am saving up for a wizard. Not all the heroes show up. HELP!!!


That’s as far as we have built levels for so far; we make five new levels a week. Check your email on Wednesdays for the new level announcements. And yeah, the unlock levels for the later heroes are still coming (along with a bunch of new late-game heroes).