Daring Dungeon Rescue

I am stuck on this level. I manage to get past the first guard, and the second guard follows me but doesn’t do much damage so I just ignore her. When I break down the door to get to the peasant, the knife thrower targets me, but when I walk out of the room (with the peasant behind me), the knife thrower hits the peasant and kills him, which makes me fail. Help, anybody?

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You gotta kill the thrower (which is allowed, just not killing the guards). You also can’t aggro the guard, because even if the guard doesn’t kill you, it will kill the tortured peasant following you.

Question here I can’t seem to get the guards not to aggro on me could I jet a few tips

don’t let them see you.


<insert comment character of choice>  You can hide behind the gargoyles.

I tried that with the peasant but he didn’t hide very well…

Noticed but how would you get out than?

flag your way in, flag your way out, when the guard passes…

Me, I just wait until the guard is far enough away before I go around the corner. (I won’t win any speed records, but it works)

speaking of waiting, is there anything that gives you a wait command?

Every Watch (when i recall right). It is one of the requirements of a later level (I just assume you didn’t get there yet).

Until then, this.say() always takes 1 second, so you can use this for crude timing.

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Yeah but the other guard gets you

There is, but I didn’t have a wait command at the time I completed this level originally. I just used a series of timed walking patterns because there’s no random seed on this level.