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Diamond Dozen (JavaScript)

function findBestItem(items) {
    var bestItem = null;
    var bestValue = 0;
    var itemsIndex = 0;
    // Loop over the items array.
    // Find the item with the highest valueOverDistance()
    while (itemsIndex < items.length) {
    return bestItem;

It’s sort of sad, but I got stuck here. What do I do? I know I want to find the highest item valueOverDistance, but how do I do see which item has that?

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It’s fine to ask for help :smile:

Use the code for finding the enemy with the most health as a template. So you want lines for:

  • Setting a variable item, that’s defined in terms of items and itemIndex
  • Checking if the item valueOverDistance is greater than the current bestValue
  • If it is, setting the bestItem and bestValue variables
  • Increasing the itemIndex

Try it, see how you get on.


Find the best item using valueOverDistance by comparing valueOverDistance with bestValue. If valueOverDistance is larger than bestValue then oh this is exactly what @jka2706 said. Sorry I didn’t read her post properly.

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