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Did CS2.38 PHD Kitty level break? (Python)


I passed the PHD Kitty level a while ago, but now that my students are doing it they are getting a “pet is not defined” error. When I went back to see what they were doing wrong, my code had the same error. This is what I have:

Teach your pet to answer questions!

Luckily, all the answers are “Two”

def sayTwo(event):
# Use pet.say() to answer "Two"

pet.on(“hear”, sayTwo)

Now relax and watch the show.

hero.say(“One plus one is…?”)
hero.say(“x^3 - 6x^2 + 12x - 8 = 0. What is x…?”)
hero.say(“How many moons does Mars have…?”)


Did you and your students equip a pet when entering this level? (AKA. The Cougar or Wolf Pet you got in Kithgard Dungeon)


This level was broken in classrooms, but it should be fixed now. You may need to clear your browser cache if you’re still seeing this error.