Did CS2.38 PHD Kitty level break? (Python)

I passed the PHD Kitty level a while ago, but now that my students are doing it they are getting a “pet is not defined” error. When I went back to see what they were doing wrong, my code had the same error. This is what I have:

Teach your pet to answer questions!

Luckily, all the answers are “Two”

def sayTwo(event):
# Use pet.say() to answer "Two"

pet.on(“hear”, sayTwo)

Now relax and watch the show.

hero.say(“One plus one is…?”)
hero.say(“x^3 - 6x^2 + 12x - 8 = 0. What is x…?”)
hero.say(“How many moons does Mars have…?”)

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Did you and your students equip a pet when entering this level? (AKA. The Cougar or Wolf Pet you got in Kithgard Dungeon)

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This level was broken in classrooms, but it should be fixed now. You may need to clear your browser cache if you’re still seeing this error.