Discourse timestamp off?

Discourse says that the following question was just a few hours ago, but also a few years ago:

I assume the years part is incorrect? Refreshing didn’t change anything.

Uh no? It still says it’s from 3 hours ago. Maybe you’ve mistaken?

Lol my apologies…yes…I was thinking the “Aug 14” was short-hand for Aug 2014. :smile:

Kind of embarassing…but, “here we are” as the British say. Perhaps my travels back and forth between the UK and the US plays something of a role. Both use slightly different systems. For example, date, month, year, verses, month, date, year.

UPDATE:Looking more closely, I see that the time-line on the right hand side will say Aug 14 for the date if its the current year that is in mind, and Aug '14 if it is not the date, but the year and month. That seems to be what tripped me up.

I thought that as well and was just as confused, I’m from the UK. Maybe a “th” could be added? For the benefit of British people, or the order could be switched in Britain? Although I’m not sure how you do that. I think the UK and the US share a server thing, if you know what I mean? There’s not .gb or .uk at the end of the URL for differentiation.

You two might want to create a new topic regarding this issue in Discourse Meta, as we don’t control the language locales.

Edit: It’s fixed now.

Maybe they suspended you. I don’t know the reason why but…