Don't Rush Be Quiet Bug

I typed in the right code but my hero still dies

I typed in
if n>= 40:
return n - 40

I checked the code and saw that other people use the same code but they get through the level while my hero dies. Is this some sort of bug? My code is exactly the same as other peoples, there’s nothing different in my code

It’s the correct code. Maybe you changed or deleted other.
Reset your code from the menu and try again. If it doesn’t work, show me the function.

I reset the code from the menu and my hero died again

def mod30(n):
    if n >= 30:
        return n - 30
        return n

# This function should return a value from 0 to 40 (0 <= n < 40)
def mod40(n):
    # Use an if-statement to return the correct value.
    if n >= 40:
        return n - 40
    return n

# You don't need to change the following code:
while True:
    time = hero.time
    x = mod30(time) + 25
    y = mod40(time) + 10
    hero.moveXY(x, y)

It may also be your gear. Do you have a wristwatch better than the Sundial Wristwatch? It’s the only one that doesn’t have hero.time.


I am using a simple wristwatch and its not working. I tried using a different watch and nothing changed

Could you post a picture of your gear? I tried doing the level with a base hero and Defensive Boots and died, so maybe it’s an issue with speed.
I could see a hero like Okar Stompfoot (very slow) struggling if you don’t have the Ring Of Speed.


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Yeah, your boots are extremely slow. Try equipping some faster ones.

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Lol Peter beat me to it. Another pair of boots would probably fix your problem; if you have Okar Stompfoot (I can’t tell) then you might also need to try another hero if another pair of boots doesn’t work.