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Double cheek - can not open the level



double cheek is not opening, it gives infinite loop error. Can you please fix it guys?



Try hitting the “comment out my code” (or whatever is the name) button when you load the level.


Did you try to open it before? Or it’s your first attempt?


I couldn’t open it 2 times


I mean it was your first attempt to open this level, when you got that problem? Or you tried to play it before?


i tied 1 day then i opened the next day with no luck. I saw the same infinite loop error 2 days


So the first time when you opened that level you got the “infinite loop” problem? You haven’t see the level even once, have you? Did I understand you correctly?


yes, I never saw the level only the infinite loop error


@Brigi Could you send your username which you use for CodeCombat with a direct message on the forum or email us to ? It will help to find the problem.


I am in! I clicked ‘comment out your comment’ and it let me in
Thank you!


Ok. I asked because I wanted to find a possible problem with that level to fix it.


my username is Brigi :slight_smile:


Thanks. But I can see only the last session, have you changes your equipment and hero? Or it’s the same as it was for “problem time”?


I see the problem. Thanks! I try to fix it soon.