Dunes help. Not sure on how to void an enemy

Not that I know of.

“sand-yak” is the correct type for sand yaks.

usually if you click on the mob on the screen it will switch who you are “focused” on and it then shows “name - type” (the real type is all lowercase and hyphenated if more than one word) and/or you can try say(enemy.type) to get it yourself. I thought there was a message where someone listed a bunch of them but I couldn’t find it. so here is my attempt (off the top of my head)

sand-yak, peon, peasant, munchkin, soldier, archer, thrower, shaman, headhunter, fang-rider, orge, brawler, etc

I’m sure there are more but as I said that is off the top of my head (to much hair to find any others).
(I can never remember if it is head-hunter or headhunter, I think no ‘-’, but…)

The heroes also have a type see this post.