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Endangered Burls


I dont see my error here please advice on the last command statement. The if enemy is a ogre mov

# Only attack enemies of type “munchkin” and “thrower”.
# Don’t attack a “burl”. Run away from an “ogre”!

enemy = self.findNearestEnemy()

# Remember: don't attack type "burl"!
if enemy.type is "burl":
    self.say("I'm not attacking that Burl!")

# The "type" property tells you what kind of creature it is.
if enemy.type is "munchkin":

# Use "if" to attack a "thrower".
  if enemy.type is "thrower":

# If it's an "ogre", run away to the village 
if enemy.type is "orge":
    self.moveXY(41, 37)


nevermind…misspelling took too long to recognize…my apologies, you can delete this post if needed