Endangered Burl Infinite loop

I have had three students get an infinite loop error on attempting to load Endangered Burl today. Commenting out code did not fix the problem. I had them reboot, no dice. Need a screenshot?

Chromebooks with
Celeron 2955U @ 1.40 Ghz 2 processors,
2 gb Ram

Clear browser cache and try again? I just fixed another problem that would have been causing this.

Hey I’m having the same issue, but on another level. This is what the Admin guy said:

Aha, one more change from the CoffeeScript compiler that I had missed.
(Wonder how long I’ll keep finding these…) I’m deploying a new version
now; should be ready in 20 minutes, after which another browser cache
clear will help.

It’s been 20-30 minutes since I first posted about it, but no luck yet.
I’m sure it will be fixed soon.

Can’t reproduce the problem now, although I have different students now. So… mission successful?