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Error: "Unsupported compare operator: he"


The level is Dust (Computer Science 4 Python) My code:

# Use while to loop until you have counted 10 attacks.

attacks = 0
while attacks < 10:
    # Attack the nearest enemy!
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    if enemy:
    # Incrementing means to increase by 1.
    # Increment the attacks count.
    attacks += 1

# When you're done, retreat to the ambush point.
hero.say("I should retreat!") #∆ Don't just stand there blabbering!
hero.moveXY(79, 33)
Unsupported compare operator error
Codecombat now working?

This is what I am having too…I don’t know how to fix it.


I would have helped I’m not good at python, (Javascript)


where does it point at? “Fix your code”


We’re working on this bug now; thanks for the bug report.


Should be fixed now; give it another shot.


What does it mean “leader of the code”?


He’s the boss, the big boy, the high guy, or one of them at least.


xD The big boy :sunglasses:


So he’s like one of the creators?


I believe so yes, he’s the dude. Lol, idk if he is one of the main creators, I would imagine so, however, if not; he is a very high ranking member of the development or Forum teams. Part of the CodeCombat staff. Could be a Moderator for the Forums, I just know that he is high up there in the rankings for administration


Ya guess, would you work for codecombat if they would sent you a request?


I believe CodeCombat is hiring currently, I don’t know anything about being high level and being offered a job, i would assume it is simply like a usual job, apply, post your skills, do an interview, possibly solve a coding problem.


Haha yeah, big boy here. :wink:

You can see more about our team and job openings here: – we aren’t currently hiring, but when we do hire, we like to hire from the community first, especially if we can see your contributions on our GitHub or in our level editor.