Explain vectors (and their use in broken circles and treasured in ice)?

i need some help understanding vectors. i know they have something to do with circles, but i wanna know WHY it works and how to apply them to the broken circles level in cs6. @J_F_B_M you seem pretty knowledgeable about them

Uhhh, @J_F_B_M was last “seen” in 2019…
Also, to answer your question, vectors have nothing to do with circles, a vector is simply a point, and you don’t need them to get past broken circles or treasured in ice, for broken circles, I actually used a different solution that involved using something you learn in a non-class level called ‘Library Tactitian’

really? i tried multiple times using other methods, but they never worked. i got the answer to treasured in ice and fragile maze from my teacher, and fragile maze involved vectors.

fragile maze does, however, treasured in ice doesn’t, and broken circles is possible using another method (and by not using/requiring vectors I mean the CodeCombat class for vectors, because a vector is any sort of point)

but how does treasured in ice not use vectors like fragile maze? they’re the saem concept, right? you would just need to add in the code for finding the treasure and the exit (which is what i tried)

Yes, but I used a different way that involves using the chest :slight_smile:

would you mind walking me through the method you used, or at least point me in the right direction? sorry, im not the smartest person :sweat_smile: edit: actually, i did do library tactician as part of cs5, imma go review it

so what im THINKING is i can write a function to pick out empty spaces and return it, and then call the function as a variable and use it in a while loop. is this a good train of thought?

Yes, but you need to be looking for the empty spots while moving

how do you mean? (20 characters)

Can’t say more or it would be the solution :]

so would i use move instead of moveXY?