Farmer Feud #Level Help

#Level Help
Hi guys, do you have any tips and tricks in Farmer Feud ?

something I tried was making a sequence using a string constructor for placement

did u mean farmscape or farmer’s feud?

I mean Farmscape. Here is my code

probably use this

for i in range(len(our_place)):
    fieldObj = hero.whatAt(our_place[i]) 
    #the [i] is important because you're going to appoint one point instead of the list

and give you a tip
walk like this cuz that saves your time

Thank you. I will try it

I just tried your advice but it ends like this :

Is there any problem ?


for i in range(len(our_place)):

you forgot to write “for”

Ok I will try it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hello, I try your code it worked but my hero didn’t move

How can I fix this problem here is my code:

our_place = ["A9", "A8", "A7", "A6", "A5", "A4", "A3", "A2", "A1", "A0", "B0", "B1", "B2", "B3", "B4", "B5", "B6", "B7", "B8", "B9", "C9", "C8", "C7", "C6", "C5", "C4", "C3", "C2", "C1", "C0"] 
for i in range(len(our_place)):
    fieldObj = hero.whatAt(our_place[i]) 
    if i == "construction":
    return"wheat", our_place)

seems that the problem starts at line 6
could you show me the result when not using “return”?

and i think you might have to delete this cuz YOU CAN’T REMOVE THE CONSTRUCTIONS on the field

if i == "construction":

maybe you should read the rules more clearly to know the things about the game

hey is the problem fixed?

I got my new code here:

def tryToBuild(type, pos):
    fieldObj = hero.whatAt(pos)
    if (fieldObj != None and fieldObj != "construction" and fieldObj.color != hero.color):
        hero.clear(pos), pos)

reverseCol = False
reverseRow = False

# bắt đầu tạo mưa bên địch nhằm giảm tốc độ.
# xây dựng các ô bên đồng minh
for row in range(0, 10):
    deltaCol = ["A", "B", "C"]
    if reverseCol:
    tryToBuild("wheat", deltaCol[0] + row)
    tryToBuild("river", deltaCol[1] + row)
    tryToBuild("wheat", deltaCol[2] + row)
    reverseCol = not(reverseCol)
reverseRow = not(reverseRow)

Do I need any upgrade ?

@MarmiteOnToast sort this into Level hep please