For and range function

I m playing Cloudrip Mountain. I just finished Zoo keeper lv with the help of pre-existent code which introduce a new things without explanation. They are “i” and range() function.

for i in range(4):

for j in range(len(friends))

I am so confused that what are"i" and “j” in the code and what is range() function for? Why there are no explanation in the hints. It leads to another problem that I m stuck in the next level Noble Sacrifice which requires me to “Use range to make an array to loop over” I will be grateful for anyone can help.

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The i is like a variable. I believe everytime you loop through the function, it adds i + 1. So essentailly, the “range()” function is saying that as long as “i” is less than or “in range of” the number you pass which in this case is 4, continue to summon.

It means everytime hero summon a soldier "i"will plus one until it reach 4? So hero summon 4 soldiers?

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Yes. (remember that i starts from 0) For example:

Summon One, i becomes 1

Summon the second one, i becomes 2

So in this level, you will summon 4 soldiers, you loop them and set them to a point (points[j]) and then if there is an enemy, you command each of them to attack it.

and what is the meaning of

for j in range(len(friends)):
    point = point[j]
    friend = friends[j]


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I think it means one point per existing friend.


The points or four corners are listed in an array. Looping through the array and saying point[j] is saying point[0], then point[1], then point[2]. Then you find all of your friends that you summoned and then say friends[0] to find the first friends and so on. Then, you command the first friend to move to the first point, friends[j].move(point[j]) and so on. Hope this helps


Thank so much. I begin to understand but need time to digest , so glad that u can help me and so disappointed that the hints of the game didn’t explain it. Thank so much

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No problem. [20 Characters]

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Thanks for the feedback everyone :slight_smile:

I added a new hint to Zoo Keeper and Noble Sacrifice about for loops and range(). Hopefully that will help explain it a bit, but if you still find it confusing, let us know and we’ll make more improvements.

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