Forest Cannon Dancing JS Help

The information at the beginning of the level states that we need to write the function runBetween from scratch. But, once you enter the level, the comments say:
// Write the event function onSpawn for the pet.
// This function should make the wolf run back and forth:
// First, run to the right mark, then the left one:

I have tried to solve it both ways, with runBetween and onSpawn, does anyone have a suggestion or idea of what I doing wrong?
Thank you in advance.

pet.on(“spawn”, runBetween);

function runBetween(event) {
while (true) {
while (true) {

What map is it on? take a screenshot pls.

function runBetween(event) This doesnt need the argument event in that parameters.

Can you also format you code so its easier to read. Use 3 backticks before and after the code or highlight your code and press the button at the top of the text editior that looks like </>.

You are also missing a bracket right before the 2nd while loop you need another ending bracket to enclose the runBetween function. The 2nd while does not belong in the runBetween method.