Forest defense Hero dies

# An ally has been trapped in a cage set up by ogres! Fend off munchkins and help the ally escape!

while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    # Check if there's an enemy and the enemy isn't a type "brawler", then attack.
    if enemy and enemy.type == "munchkin":
        # Then attack that enemy using cleave() and other moves!
        if hero.isReady("cleave"):
    # Else, move to the red X.

I got stuck on this one to

So you’re supposed to check if there is an enemy (which you did) and if the enemy type isn’t a “brawler”
The way you can check if it isn’t a brawler, is by using != not ==
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@Aurora_Pfiffner @James_Pfiffner, the level should now be completable for early-forest players(As intended)