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Hi there, I started to play multiplayer. I wrote an instantkill Version and now I want to improve it. But I wanna do something I can not find in the infos about it (Code exampels during the lvls). So my question is, is there a list with all the attacks, spells, functions about lifepoints and more. I want to write something really good.
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I’m a bit confused. All the spells you have equiped should show up in the item bar in the game.
And what do you mean functions about lifepoints?
Please could you give some examples of these things.

i can’t figure out how I know how much Lifepoints an enemy have. I just found my own lifepoints. For python3.0 there are wikis where you can see all commands so I thought, maybe for codecombat there is also something like this. I want to fix the devour spell in my code as a 2. step. so i wanna say if enemy have less or equal than 200 Lifepoints, use the attack. But I don’t find something for enemies.

For enemy health you use: which returns an number - the enemy’s current health. And enemy.maxHealth - the total health an enemy can have.

or click on the enemy

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