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Gem by Gem problems


Is there something wrong with my code? The last gem wont move into the slot.

baseGem = hero.findByType("root-gem")[0]
# Those gems are not linked yet.
freeGems = hero.findByType("gem")

# Use the property "next" to link elements to the list.
# Append an element before the base gem.
freeGems[0].next = baseGem
# And one more at the new head of the list: = freeGems[1]
# Next add more gems at the end.
freeGems[1].next = freeGems[2]
# Add two more gems one by one:
freeGems[2].next = freeGems[3]
freeGems[3].next = freeGems[4]
freeGems[4].next = freeGems[5]

while True:
    if hero.isPathClear(hero.pos, {"x": 76, "y": 34}):
        hero.moveXY(76, 34)


help me find the level which world is it in?


You don’t need to know the campaign of the level to play it



…20 characters…


It is in the glacier world.


I think this might help.