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Help with gem by gem


Why is my last gem not going anywhere.

baseGem = hero.findByType("root-gem")[0]
# Those gems are not linked yet.
freeGems = hero.findByType("gem")

# Use the property "next" to link elements to the list.
# Append an element before the base gem.
freeGems[0].next = baseGem
# And one more at the new head of the list: = freeGems[1]
# Next add more gems at the end.
freeGems[1].next = freeGems[2]
# Add two more gems one by one:
freeGems[2].next = freeGems[3]
freeGems[3].next = freeGems[4]
freeGems[4].next = freeGems[5]
while True:
    if hero.isPathClear(hero.pos, {"x": 76, "y": 34}):
        hero.moveXY(76, 34)


I have the same problem but in javascript


@SwyGuy You’re doing this:

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How do you do those beautiful diagrams, @xython?


Thanks Smacker! :slight_smile: I’m using Snipping Tool for screenshots and Paint.