Goalkeeper help

Ok so my code is this one

But it doesn’t work, can someone help? anyone know how to pass level?

Please explain what is your problem, and what gear you are using. Take a screenshot.

Deleted because misunderstood what happened

Hi @Andres_Martin! Please don’t copy your code from GitHub or the CodeCombat Discourse. This is a learning platform, and when people rely solely on others to write code for them, they’re not really learning anything.
Maybe have a go at writing your own code, see how far you can get, and then we’d be happy to help with any errors or bugs that you encounter :)
After using your own code, please could you explain any issues in detail and show us a screenshot of the gear you’re using, as (@)Watamelon requested?

Ok I have no idea how to begin though.

I am using flimsy gear too, didn’t expect that to change things though

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