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Golden Choice - adventurer feedback


Nice and challenging, advanced level! (I guess it will be for the glacier world) Very well done! :thumbsup:

Some minor issues (consider them as hints):

  • when going for the first gold (in the first row) you might pick up coins unintentionally, which makes you lose immediately
  • certain modification to the map (as an array) may screw it up, due to the limitations of the python interpreter


Yes. I got the same. But you are smart players (Glacier!), so I’m sure you know how to solve it.

Yes, but one day it will be nice.

I hope you don’t do it in real life O_O

template = [ [0] * 10 * 2 ] * 10
template[0][0] = 1
print(template[1][0]) # what do you think will be here?!?


Yeah, I realised it in the meantime… :slight_smile:


if you want to make empty matrix then:

zero_matrix = [[0] * width for _ in range(height)]


Cool level, nothing to say. Thank you!


Thank you for your feedback. The good puzzle and pleased players are the best reward for me.


Uuuhm I need a bit of help with this one. I have managed to get all values from the grid.
But I cannot figure out how to actually figure out the correct path for the hero to take.
Any hints with this is appreciated.


Dynamic programming or Graph-search algorithms.


Nice level. Wish there was a good way to see the values of the coins. When I select them, they all seem to have a value of 3. I have a working algorithm, but it always seems to be a little low and I can’t figure out how to fix it!

I got it once by just resubmitting, but something was wrong with my implementation because it failed on first attempt.


I know about that problem, but not sure how to solve it :frowning: