Golden Choice Python

ok will do

ok now im trying to do an inefficent code to find the path with the highest value. I dont want to do it but I dont know how to look at say goldMap[5][5] and then make the code look at goldMap[6][3] and goldMap[6][7] can I have help starting a code that does that?

Set variables x and y. If you’re at goldMap[x ][y] then the positions in your example will be goldMap[x+1] [y-2] and goldMap[x+1] [y+2].

However can I suggest the positions of the next 2 coins in the array are goldMap[x+1][y-1] and goldMap[x+1] [y+1].


sorry I dont understand that are you saying that I set posistions for the goldMap stuff?

Umm, I think no. I was trying to explain a bit of code that you can input any starting point, and it will look at the next 2 coins.

Can I take a step back and ask ‘How would you go about solving this level if there were just 2 lines of coins in the grid?’