Golden Mirage - need some pointers

I’ve read all the topics related to this level, but I still feel like I don’t understand enough of this difficult level to improve my code:

coins = hero.findItems()

badCoins = []
goodCoins = []

for i in range(len(coins)):
    coinI = coins[i]
    for j in range(len(coins)):
        coinJ = coins[j]
        if coinI == coinJ:
        if coinI.value == coinJ.value:
        if coinI.value != coinJ.value:
for i in goodCoins:
    hero.moveXY(i.pos.x, i.pos.y)

All that happens is that my hero just moves in this weird figure and stops at some point:

I hope somebody can give me some advice. Maybe @Deadpool198 because you are the most ardent poster about this level? I would be grateful to anyone though

All I can say is that was a smart ping.

Smart ping? You mean the @?

It may or may not have been smart, but apparently, it didn’t work
(took a deliberate break from coding for a few days)