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Gridmancer Redux Help URGENT!

@Chaboi_3000 I read your guide and I put some of my own code through it and the whole screen goes blank, there are no coins just the player and the maze. If I check my coins to see If I passed I only get 1 coin.

Please Help me, I have to finish this level by the end of the month.

this is my code (Formatted Properly)

while True:
    x = 0
    y = x
    for i in range(len(hero.navGrid)):
        for j in range(len(hero.navGrid)):
            if hero.navGrid[i] == 'Coin':
                hero.addRect(i.pos, x, y)
            if hero.navGrid[i][j] == 'Coin':
                hero.addRect(j.pos, x, y)
                hero.removeRectAt(x, y)
    if 'Coin'.next == 'Coin':
        x + 2
    elif 'Coin'.before == 'Coin':
        x - 2
    elif 'Coin'.next == 'Wall':
        x =1 
        y = 1
        for i in hero.navGrid:
            if i == 'Coin':
                hero.addRect('Coin'.x, 'Coin'.y,1, 1)
                x = 2 

Thank you

ah this level is very hard.
try looking into old topics.
(took me 1 month of trying without doing any levels to complete it :unamused: )

I agree with u ritic. The answer lies in the past…