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Gridmancer Redux Typo?


In the goals it says at most 56 squares. Then in the comments line 10 it says at most 55 rectangles. Squares and rectangles are different. 56 != 55.

Line 6 # hero.removeRect(x, y) removes a previously added rectangle at the point. The correct method is removeRectAt(x,y)


I just wanted to add I beat this map. I absolutely loved this level. I love any level dealing with arrays. It wasnt even close to as hard as I thought it was going to be. I made a quick and easy solution to understand how addRect worked. In the end I actually beat it with out having to make the more complex solution I anticipated on making.

When the hints are finally made can you maybe tell the users what brackets equals the rows and columns. I had the two backwards and it threw me off big time until I figured out my rows and columns were actually going a different way.